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Bridging the gap between individual and collective high performance

Elevate your brand and culture to build a more resilient organization.

Signature Keynotes

Managing Employee Experiences Throughout the Talent Lifecycle

  • Remember that hip and flashy branding can fall short if internal stakeholders are not invited to make a difference in the employee experience.
  • Listen to your internal stakeholders; the experience you give your employees is the experience they’re going to give to your clients.
  • Deliver on the promises you made to your potential applicants; during onboarding, HR plays a critical role in integrating expectation with reality.
  • Your job doesn’t end with recruiting; the real job starts when they join the organization. How to deliver on the promises made by your employer branding.

What is Employer Branding?

  • In this HCI Keynote, Estela Vazquez Perez discusses what employer brand really means, and its relationship to people and culture.
  • Learn how it ties back to your own personal brand and extrapolate from this parallel concept to the organization.
  • How to articulate the power of collective ambition at your organization to answer the question of why your company is here.
  • Differentiate your brand from that of your competitors then connect the message back to what your potential hires.

Collective Ambition and the employee experience propel business growth

  • Articulate the power of collective ambition
  • If you are in HR, time to step it up and help the organization grow. No longer a cost centre.
  • Why your people creates the best client journeys
  • Accelerate the flying wheel of prosperity by automating the mundane and refocusing people to be humans servicing humans.

Brand differentiation in the war for talent

  • How to identify make makes you – you.
  • How to use key attributes to differentiate people and products.

Define and implement a comprehensive, authentic employer brand strategy.

  • Hear Estela Vazquez Perez explain how to set up a dedicated employer Brand CoE.
  • Learn how to customize your brand messaging to reach different talent segments.
  • This content is premium and only accessible to Human Capital Institute members.

Realized Human Funnel™ How to predictably drive qualified leads into Hiring or Sales Appointments.

  • Hear Estela Vazquez Perez explains how to set up a dedicated employer Brand CoE.
  • Learn how to customize your brand messaging to reach different talent segments.
  • This content is premium and only accessible to Human Capital Institute members.

Essence, Attributes, and Personality

  • Practical examples of exactly how to go about formulating an EVP.
  • Implement a compass to guide your organization; the elements may be there and simply require documentation.
  • Once a culture compass is established, look to the employment brand platform for your marketers and practitioners.
  • Align your employer brand platform to your compass for a true EVP.

Employer Brand Management

  • It is about culture, start at minute 7:00
  • The soft power of your Head Quarters
  • How to manage talent challenges?
  • How to build a Brand Dashboard

How to build an employer brand from inside out

  • How to define ownership of you employer brand.
  • Draw alignment to your consumer brand.
  • Human resources is the new content marketing agency
  • How to create an operating model that keeps on giving

Estela is equipping businesses with actionable insights in order to make decisions that involve hiring staff and their experience at work.

  • Develop employer branding strategy
  • Create industry-leading people reporting
  • Improve employer of choice ratings
  • Strengthen brand reputation
  • Design better people programs
  • Improve culture and engage teams
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Create brand ambassadors
  • Engage investors

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