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We remove ambiguity from employer branding and experience design.

As a brand and marketing strategist, the EBI is not new.  I have been using it since the early 2000s but it is now that human resources leaders are getting closer to marketing sciences and have found it valuable. You are in the right place, I can walk you through it.

Have you received recruitment advice from non-recruiters? Same thing here – too many agencies appeared during my tenure managing brands, always guessing what matters to the organization. They were sure to know what set of brand attributes to measure – none of them hit the mark entirely. This is where the employer brand index came to life. It is not a one size fits all.

We will build your own  EBI so you can say YES to what matters, prioritize what matters most, and improve your communications. 

How strong is your relationship with the right people? The answer is in the Employer Brand Index

The Employer Brand Index measures your success attracting and retaining talented people for the organization. It is a framework with data and insights of an employer brand position in a specific market.  It organizes insight about candidate and employee preferences of an employer, people and culture key traits, and releases a number of indicators that identify the strength of the relationship as an employer with the desired talent market.

Let’s start with your own interpretation, your competitiveness, and readiness to make a compelling case for talent. This will unfold your unique employer branding goals. The EBI will help us establish the desired return on investment and critical paths of action.

Attracting talented people in Malaysia

Employer brand index helped us figure out the path of action to attract talent in Malaysia. Our team needed guidance selecting key action plans and a blueprint for success. I personally deliver the employer brand index and its correlation the employee value proposition to arm both Human Resources and Marketing Executives.

Royal Bank of Canada | Investor and Treasury Services, Malaysia

Diversity Recruitment

I did not require another set of attributes defined for us. I needed our attributes, what matters to us and the culture change required. The Employer Brand Index helped me unify conversations and priorities among business leaders, human resources and ultimately guide activation teams in recruitment and communications to attract and retain selected diversity segments.

Scotiabank, Global Employment Strategies

Igniting potential of tech talent.​

I presented the Employer Brand Index to our Chief Information Officer. It was not realistic to think that we could move from ranking 98th most desired company to being top 3 in one year. We needed drastic changes but difficulty relies in choosing where to focus, to make a difference in performance, retention, and perception. The Employer Brand Index gave us an informed perspective and made our decision process easier.

RBC, Human Resources

Where are you today?

“You have an employer brand, whether you manage it or not.”
– @estelavazquezp

You can only manage a brand, if you measure it. You need quantitative and qualitative data, we organize it and turn it into key insights to improve your position against selected competitors within a selected target market. Is life within your company ideal?

The EBI includes consistent and methodical sensors to deliver competitive insights and the voice of talented people. These sensors are selected in relationship to a proprietary framework that gets customized according to each company’s needs for talent.

Too many sources of data – which one to use? We use everything at hand and normalize data to integrate it into our proprietary framework. You do not have to chase every new player in the market to know how you stand as an employer. We evaluate if it is worthwhile integrating them and do it for you. If the online community is sound, and the source of data has a valid methodology, we will consider their input into the EBI.

As data and analytics experts, there is a big difference between using what exists vs. using what is valid. We know the difference. This helps you manage equity for your brand and not only reactions from trendy conversations.

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Who uses the EBI?​

Advisors assessing the business’ need for investment in attractive programming want to understand preferences and perceptions. This will help them calibrate the Employer value proposition and guide strategists to communicate an integrated promise.

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We manage brand equity not only trendy conversations

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Estela Vazquez Perez helps companies achieve a desired global and local positioning as a top employer. She works with audacious employers to articulate a consistent brand with relevant messages, a solid plan to manage their brand reputation, and inform the design of brand-building employee experiences. Contact: estela@talentscopic.com