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“I just need the manual and the chance to do it myself.”

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Learn how to be the leader of your brand, people and culture.

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What is the Employee Experience Institute?

  • A movement, to build better workplaces and more productive companies for everyone.
  • Premium learning experience that shows you how to plan, design, and implement optimized journeys.
  • A customer and employee experience foundation for the ones who just need the manual, the DIY kind of entrepreneur or companies with dedicated customer or employee experience teams.
  • A toolkit, with access to principles, action plans, and templates that are effective, engaging, and immersive to create a desired journeys.

A few premises…

  • Get Organized: Organize your business and pipelines so you know what to improve. Learn to measure so you can evaluate results. Support the necessary roles to create a movement in the company.
  • Your Value Proposition: Communicate your company‚Äôs value to society.
  • Become ONE brand: Learn to deliver consistent journeys for your clients and employees.
  • Develop brand love: Strengthen the relationship with your most desired talent. Look for patterns.
  • Handle the truth: Learn how to design experiences that make you better from inside out.