Realized Human™ Mastermind

Mastermind for people who lead. This is for you if you want to develop self-awareness, coaching foundations, and authentic leadership expressions in great company.

We connect weekly on Saturday at 8:00 AM, 8 weekly sessions on voxer, plus 1-hour weekly private session on zoom. Join an up and coming group of leaders and receive private content to sustain your learnings. Materials provided. Next Session starts April, 2022.

Gain clarity, confidence and skills to grow your brand, people and culture.

Award-winning Brand differentiation, Experience Management, Leadership Development.

Develop self-awareness to lead authentically in high performance environments.

Dear entrepreneurs and leaders,

Are you ready to be your authentic self while leading high performance environments? This is a community hungry for new perspectives.

We will share with you how to ignite love for your brand with stellar people experiences that fuel business growth and customer delight.

Join us in this introspective roadmap to Human-centred journeys, workflows, and awareness that help you work authentically, attract better talent, and increase opportunity with delight for clients and employees.

If you like learning from a roadmap, getting feedback and growing with like-minded individuals. This is for you…

What to expect from a Realized Human™ Mastermind

Global Employer Branding – I meet frequently with the employer brand leaders of some of Canada’s largest and most innovative employers. Estela stands apart. She has a deep understanding of how to develop compelling global employer brands that will reach hard-to-acquire talent.

Jason Kipps, Managing Director, Universum Global Canada

Estela is without a question one of the few people that has truly left a great impression on me… I collaborated with her as a service provider and business partner… in a unique recruitment marketing strategy that granted positive reviews from her colleagues and the jealousy of her competitors.

BRAND REPUTATION – She is passionate about Employer Branding and brings her global experience to Scotiabank’s teams in capital markets and HR in Europe, Americas, Asia to articulate the employer brand platform for the organization.

Realized Human™ Mastermind

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Authentic self. A welcoming Culture. Branded Growth.

We are helping growing companies and entrepreneurs with valuable training to get a stronger brand with a well-run business from within. Apply for a Realized Human Mastermind today.

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