Learn leading employer branding strategy and communications practices.

Partnering with audacious employers who want to make talent am unfair competitive advantage.

Employer Branding

Improved employer image using your current offer to employees and targeting their needs in a a relevant way

Employee Experience Design

Human-centre design results in positive business impact sourced from high employee engagement.

Employee Program Innovation

Creating new people programs that are engaging and financially viable

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.”

— Steve Jobs

I bridge individual aspirations of employees with their companies’ goals.

Helping organization reach their business goals by increasing productivity and engagement with employee experience design that is data-informed, human-centred, and digitally-enabled.

  • Develop employer branding strategy
  • Create industry-leading people reporting
  • Improve employer of choice ratings
  • Strengthen brand reputation
  • Design better people programs
  • Improve culture and engage teams
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Create brand ambassadors
  • Engage investors

Working with audacious employers, startups and consultants.

Learn how to ignite love for brands (ethos) and create experiences (pathos) that fuel business growth and customer delight (relationship).

Steps: How to design employee experiences

The employer brand directs the employee experience with desired engagement outcomes.

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Estela Vazquez Perez

A Toronto-based Employer Brand Marketing strategist using stellar Employee Experience Design to help companies become top employers.