Hi, I’m Estela.

I teach business leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators the profitable benefits of great employee experiences with clear steps for building highly engaged employees and candidates, creating your key messages, proof points, and using digital marketing to get them into action.

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I help organizations reach their business goals by increasing productivity and engagement using employer branding, program design, and employee experience design that is data-informed, human-centred, and digitally-enabled (automations).

Employer Branding

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Program innovation

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Employee Experience

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Estela has been profiled in Human Capital Institute, Great Place to Work, Yahoo Business, Universum Global, McLeans Co, and others.  Her non-traditional approach to leading workplaces is inclusive and sustainable, Estela’s thought leadership has disrupted the Financial Services industry and made it easier for startups and audacious businesses to access modern brand and marketing strategies for their workplaces.

My mission is simple… to build better workplaces by helping employers become consistent, relevant, and attractive with the right strategy and tools to build better employee experiences.

I have proven financial and brand rewards for employers who engage people into action by connecting individual aspirations to company’s goals.

Through award-winning employee experience designs – now distributed through Courses, Facebook community, and Podcast – I teach employers how to build relevant, tangible, and results-focused experiences the way I have captivated 160000+ employees around the world.

Everyone can create profitable and stellar employee experiences now with a clear and attractive conversion system to move employees closer to building a life and workplace they love.

Realized Human podcast.

Workplace design leaders and experts join me to give us the details of their stellar employee experiences. We will stop the guesswork and simply copy top employer best practices to make your workplace better and increase its competitiveness for talented people.

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Employer Branding

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Start strong

Improved employer image using your current offer in a relevant way. This is branding for HR!

Program Innovation

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Compete for talent

Create new people programs that are engaging and financially viable delivered through courses  

Employee Experience

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Retain top talent

Master engagement funnels, high quality communications, and automate your people business.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

— Steve Jobs

Estela is equipping businesses with actionable data in order to make business decisions that involve staff and their experience at work.

Estela Vazquez Perez is an employer branding and experience management strategist for audacious companies, and the creator of Realized Human Clinic, an email course designed to learn employer branding and experience design. 

  • Develop employer branding strategy
  • Create industry-leading people reporting
  • Improve employer of choice ratings
  • Strengthen brand reputation
  • Design better people programs
  • Improve culture and engage teams
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Create brand ambassadors
  • Engage investors

I bridge individual aspirations with corporate goals.

Learn how to ignite love for brands (ethos) and create experiences (pathos) that fuel business growth and customer delight (relationship).

Estela Vazquez Perez

A Toronto-based Employer Brand Marketing strategist using stellar Employee Experience Design to help companies become top employers.