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What is Employer Brand Management?

Employer brand describes the reputation of organizations as workplaces. Therefore,  employer branding is the series of tactics focused on attraction, engagement and retention attempting to change perception of your organization’s employer brand.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing refers to the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job. Recruitment Marketing is guided by the Employer Brand platform.

What is Employee Experience Design?

Employee experience is the ultimate feeling provoked by your organization as a place to work. Therefore, Employee Experience Design aims at enhancing employee performance and wellbeing under an approach that satisfies business needs and vision of the future organization.

What is people, brand, and culture alignment?

Companies have better performance when employees are engaged with its purpose, energized with its culture, and enabled with the workplace experience. Aligning brand [what people think of it] with culture [what people live every day] is critical to build a resilient, high-performing organization.

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