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EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE – Estela is truly a world class colleague. She is extremely knowledgeable about her area of expertise and she combines creativity with rigorous attention to validation that is second to none. She is a warm and generous colleague.

D. Matzanke, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Scotiabank

TALENT ATTRACTION – I meet frequently with the employer brand leaders of some of Canada’s largest and most innovative employers. Estela stands apart. She has a deep understanding of how to develop compelling global employer brands that will reach hard-to-acquire talent.

J. Kipps, Managing Director, Universum Canada

BRAND REPUTATION – She is passionate about Employer Branding and brings her global experience to Scotiabank’s teams in capital markets and HR in Europe, Americas, Asia to articulate the employer brand platform for the organization.

H. Asproloupos, HR Capital Markets, Scotiabank


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