The case for employee experience


Companies must bring their purpose to life with stronger client and employee relationships.

People are driven by purpose; therefore, they commit to relationships with employers, cities, family and communities that share it. Companies are becoming aware of the high impact they have on people.


People’s enthusiasm and rewarding experiences set them up for success a) to perform at their best and b) to volunteer skilled discretionary effort that benefits their families, business, workplaces and communities.


Every policy and people practice has a ripple effect on individual achievement, business performance and society in general. People are treated as ‘assets’ and ‘revenue’, instead of being treated as humans. The lack of clarity on companies’ higher purpose and common goals weakens the organization, delivering people programs and services that are irrelevant to further develop individual talent and society. A non-people-oriented employer, makes unhappy employees and ultimately unhappy customers.


I am igniting love for brands (ethos) and creating experiences (pathos) that fuel business growth and customer delight (relationship).

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