the case for employee experience


I am helping people and companies understand that aiming for advancement of society is the first commitment to sign off when starting a work relationship. Sometimes bringing the company’s value proposition to the market, sometimes bringing the market to join in the company’s purpose.


People are driven by purpose; therefore, they commit to relationships with employers, cities, family and communities that share it.

People’s enthusiasm and rewarding experiences in the workplace set them up for success a) to perform at their best and b) to volunteer skilled discretionary effort that benefits their families, business, workplaces and communities.


Companies in underdeveloped societies are not aware of the high impact they have on people.

Every policy and people practice has a ripple effect on individual achievement, business performance and society in general. People are treated as ‘assets’ not as people. The lack of clarity on higher purpose and common goals weakens the organization, delivering people programs and services that are irrelevant to further develop individual talent and society. A non-people-oriented employer, makes unhappy employees and ultimately unhappy customers.


I identify the value of each institution in people’s life, their reason to exist and their proposal to society. This understanding unfolds the organization’s value proposition and expected results on high impact touch points, which form the experience.

I find connected winning opportunities to position Brands in People’s minds and hearts, and build mutually winning Cultures.


Today, I advise people to find a job with purpose. I advise great institutions that have high impact in society, to develop a brand that has meaning for human kind, deliver relevant value to individuals and clients, and with that, advance society. I do it with a balance of beauty, influence and strategy.

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