The case for Employee Experience

Learn what progressive leaders know about making talent an unfair competitive advantage.

A disciplined approach to Employer Brand and Experience Design:

We develop audacious employers to look, feel and function like top employers.

Employer Branding

  • Employee Value Proposition: We use it to match the features of your product and service for your employee needs.
  • Segments and Personas: Know your customer! This is typically used even in training essentials so let’s document who is your ideal customer.
  • Journey maps: This tool helps you identify hurdles in the journey to buy your product. It also identifies the motivations and preventing drop outs.
  • Successful programs: We identify gain creators, pain relievers, and product features.
  • Hypothesis validation: Market testing with a section of your targeted segment, including A/B Testing.

Experience Design

  • User flows: Define the user and their tasks. It shows what it takes to complete the desired action.
  • Wireframes: The user flows need a canvas, a user interface. We use wireframes to organize information based on user requirements.
  • Moodboard: This is a fun activity to discover the essence of the project and evoke the desired feelings
  • eX guidelines: A set or guardrails to inform design, development, and production of future collateral and even process and procedures.
  • Interface Designs: This type of design enables all stakeholders to provide feedback on maximizing the benefit of each element of the experience with the interface.
  • Interactive prototypes: Useful to get everyone on the same page, seeing this work and gather requirements of final development.

Program Design

  • Program development: Document current employee experience model with clarity on the employee value proposition, resources , finances, and effective dashboard.
  • Design thinking: Use these workshops to brainstorm  into innovative processes that add value to your  people and culture
  • Employee Value Proposition: We use it to match the features of your product and service for your employee needs.

Your coach: Estela Vazquez Perez

I am an award-winning employer brand and experience management executive, with global exposure and expertise that is enhanced with data, design, and digital abilities.

Where do we apply this knowledge?


Effective employer branding starts with data. Learn how to do in-depth research and discovery to engage your target market and key stakeholders with key priorities, goals, and KPIs that enable true brand management and development of effective strategy, reporting and communications.

Strategy and program development

Strategic framework and dashboard.

Market Research Framework and assessments

Culture and behaviour assessment

Competitiveness study

Reporting architecture aligned to Equity, Human Capital, Sustainability, etc.

Brand Positioning that creates real social and economic impact.

Employee Value Propositions and key message matrix development

Employer of choice strategy to attract and engage best-in-class talent.

Create a Recruitment Marketing Strategy and implementation map.


Learn to maximize the impact of your investment in employer branding through targeted activations. Learn to lead a team of communicators, copywriters, and designers that craft compelling stories, integrated campaigns, and engaging content designed to reach your audience.

Reporting strategy, writing and design

Segmented message matrix

Employer of choice award applications

Access a globally experienced employer branding strategists.

Content production (video, web, booklets)

Thought Leadership and content strategy

Activate employees as employer brand and company offering advocates.

Create stellar, meaningful and productive employee experiences.

Automate journeys once you start experiencing complexity and need to scale up

Delight your customers to accelerate business growth and impact.

Social Media Activation and job board branding.

Learn what progressive leaders know about making talent an unfair competitive advantage.

Work with Estela

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Estela Vazquez Perez

A Toronto-based Employer Brand Marketing strategist using stellar Employee Experience Design to help companies become top employers.