Dale Carnegie TOP 40 influencers

Understanding of how BRANDS BUILD FUTURES.


Relevant and sustainable employment value proposition for NextGen

By Estela Vazquez Perez, In the latest engagement study by Human Capital Media Advisory Group shows that the top three employee engagement program types are recognition, work-life, balance and wellness. 57 percent of organizations report active engagement by department or division. Only 19.5 percent of organizations do not track and evaluate employee engagement. What should you […]

Thanksgiving, a family affair that showcases skills, hearts and minds that built a nation.

This is my perspective of a family’s life, a country’s brand, a dream for future generations, and the leadership that shapes the nation today. I observe key values, skills and abilities that mark the evolution of human sophistication through American generations. Building on strengths, the setting is created. This is the fourth time I am […]

When sourcing talent, your employment brand can make you stronger

By Estela Vazquez Perez The sourcing team is often called in for hard-to-fill or critical positions where talent is necessary and not always found. I reviewed the situation from the employment brand perspective and noted a few findings that can help the sourcing specialists with their objectives. Picture this, the company is sending the specialized […]