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Private, Consultants, Creators, Advisors, and not-for-profit,

This is were your find resources to start your practice and business. Your membership stars with a website and a marketing scorecard.

Your membership includes

  • marketing scorecard
  • monthly employee engagement content calendar
  • communications plan blueprint
  • email pulse-check of the industry
  • webinar showcasing best strategies
  • Private Facebook group
  • Community Builder Interviews
  • same as ‘certainty’ plus:
  • 30 min with strategist
  • Done-for-you employee engagement social calendar
  • 10% discount on ‘engagement strategies
  • Guide to Campaign Management
  • First access and special price to our quarterly Mastermind

What does success look like?

  • …letting clients find you
  • …establishing a digital image
  • …stay on top of the chatter and turn in into fans
  • …sharing intellectual property
  • …training your clients
  • …engage talent on social media

You are a good candidate if …

Our ideal client is starting out as a consultant or service provider and understands the value of a professional digital presence. This free service is for creators, consultants, executives in transition, realtors, and book keeping professionals. They partner with us to create a roadmap for the future.

Estela Vazquez Perez

Executive coach and keynote Speaker – bridging the gap between individual and collective high performance.