By Estela Vazquez Perez,

In the latest engagement study by Human Capital Media Advisory Group shows that the top three employee engagement program types are recognition, work-life, balance and wellness. 57 percent of organizations report active engagement by department or division. Only 19.5 percent of organizations do not track and evaluate employee engagement.

What should you be preparing for the future? I ask the three key questions when positioning an idea, a company, or a career:

  1. What is in it for the target market?
  2. What should they do to get it?
  3. How can you establish a long term relationship with them?


Here is an every day life example of attraction, retention and being part of the culture.  

I was talking to my daughter trying to get her to leave the computer and do something else. She is a brilliant thinker and status-quo challenger. True global collaboration happens every day at home, solving the most ordinary and unconventional facts of life. She was very engaged with a fandom.

EVP of a FandomIs that asking too much?

These answers can give you great insights about what to expect from the next generation. A brand goes beyond compensation and so much into identity and association. Let’s transfer this analogy to the current corporate employee engagement practices.

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