Winning employee experiences

We can always get leads but can we turn them into clients, employees, or fans?

Here are a few awards I have collected along the way.

  1. Best People Practice by Best Workplaces Institute – From Chain of Communication to a virtuous cycle of feedback and growth. Escalating employee concerns for Scotiabank
  2. Best People Practice by Best Workplaces Institute – Raising Concerns for RBC.
  3. Selected as Judge of Best Diversity Practices in the USA by Human Capital Institute – Diversity Executive – as a Judge of employee experiences to improve life in the USA workplaces.
  4. Best Corporate training by CSTD on CareerLaunch for banking branch roles at Scotiabank.
  5. Seminar leader, industry speaker, trainer – Designing Employee Experiences

Published by Estela Vazquez Perez

Employer Brand Marketing Strategist Engineering Joy™ in the workplace with resources and education for progressive leaders who want to make talent their unfair competitive advantage.