Employee experience design

We can always get leads but can we turn them into clients, employees, or fans?

Here are a few awards I have collected along the way.

  1. Best People Practice by Best Workplaces Institute – From Chain of Communication to a virtuous cycle of feedback and growth. Escalating employee concerns for Scotiabank
  2. Best People Practice by Best Workplaces Institute – Raising Concerns for RBC.
  3. Selected as Judge of Best Diversity Practices in the USA by Human Capital Institute – Diversity Executive – as a Judge of employee experiences to improve life in the USA workplaces.  http://www.talentmgt.com/dvi-judges
  4. Best Corporate training by CSTD on CareerLaunch for banking branch roles at Scotiabank.
  5. Seminar leader, industry speaker, trainer – Designing Employee Experiences http://www.hci.org/lib/managing-employee-brand-experiences-throughout-talent-lifecycle
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