Reputation Management

Your reputation as an employer is your company’s most valuable asset…even if not everyone has realized it. How employees relate and deliver services and products to your clients has a direct impact on business results.

  • We will review your performance on social media, determine a strategy, and develop your team to give it continuity.
  • Your employees will have a big role in having a positive impact on the public conversation too.
  • The audit will determine if your digital channels, including careers site, social media, and talent management systems (e.g. applicant tracking system) are doing a good job integrating the story.
  • We can brief your team to manage media relations.


Reputation management for a giant. Scotiabank’s multinational Employer Brand introduced The Global Community of Scotiabankers to the world.

The Global Community of Scotiabankers

As part of Scotiabank’s Corporate Identity Council and head of global employer brand, the implementation of its brand architecture went to 55 countries 3 languages and 100s of local variations. 
Employer Branding for culture transformation brings innovative frameworks and toolkits that work across any talent segment you want to attract and retain. With many examples of how these frameworks have brought human capital advantage to small and large complex organizations. My expertise relies on data and insights as a foundation, human-centric design, and digital innovation to communicate ideas, new products, unique experiences, and new business models that accelerate culture transformation.
Let’s create yours!
scotiabank global site

Employer Branding for attraction – Recruitment Marketing for Campus

Once an employment brand architecture has been defined, an employment branding strategy is due to serve key priorities of the organization.

Branding is flexible in the search of mediums but is not permissive of a new identity to the brand.


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