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From data to insights.

My sweet spot is in generating insights that are relevant and turning them into empathetic action plans to win best talent.

Here is an excerpt from one of those valuable partnerships The Great Place to Work.

Read about the challenges, goals, and partnerships to succeed. Of course, we have the 2018 version.

why the best workplaces work best

Special Great Place to Work Edition

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Employee Value Proposition

The EVP defines the most desired qualities of an employer. It helps people understand what it takes to be part of the team and why you are the best employer option.

Your business needs talented and skilled people you can trust. Society needs transparency in your business and people practices, investors need to trust you have potential – in people.  Putting your employer offer out there is challenging, knowing that society, candidate investors have different interests.

Well-told, relevant, and true stories can get results that win hearts and minds. Your Employee Value Proposition will turn leaders into thought leaders, companies into talent magnets, employee experience challenges into best practice, and employee content into potential candidates’ desire and clients’ support.


Employer Brand Index™

KPIs redefined. We remove ambiguity from your employer branding.  How strong is your relationship with the right people?
A factual approach to employer branding. Know where you stand and what it takes to win top talent. 

Let’s start with your own interpretation, your competitiveness, and readiness to make a compelling case for talent. This will unfold your unique employer branding KPIs.

Your own priorities re-defined will help you established a desired return on investment and critical paths of action.

  • What do people want?
  • What is the desired culture?
  • Who are you targetting?

Case Study: How to win top tech talent?

I managed the development of this financial institution’s employer brand, from a non-player to reaching 25 rankings up in one year, against the financial services trend and odds.

Case Study | Bold Employer Branding for Financial Services: Attracting Tech Talent

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Employer’s visual identity

It is about growth with an inspiring cues

Brand Positioning  and Creative Expression

If your brand is in the midst of change and ambiguity, this is a time of opportunity! 

  • Together, we can enable and inspire employees to become advocates.
  • We turn your leaders into influencers.
  • We turn your company into a source of an energized outlook for the future.


Example of Royal Bank of Canada’s digital visual creative

RBC optimists


Let’s create yours!

Talent attraction



Brand Positioning – We help you attract the right people for the desired culture.

Diversity Recruitment – Each group of people is unique and a holistic approach is required to achieve diverse candidates.

Recruitment Marketing – if the talent market affords it, amplification will do the job of reaching out to a larger group of people and bring you more candidates. However, that brings you more applications to review and a great load for recruiters. We create a smart combination of channels that target the right people for the right job only.

Reputation Management

Your reputation as an employer is your company’s most valuable asset…even if not everyone has realized it. How employees relate and deliver services and products to your clients has a direct impact on business results.

  • We will review your performance on social media, determine a strategy, and develop your team to give it continuity.
  • Your employees will have a big role in having a positive impact on the public conversation too.
  • The audit will determine if your digital channels, including careers site, social media, and talent management systems (e.g. applicant tracking system) are doing a good job integrating the story.
  • We can brief your team to manage media relations.


Reputation management for a giant. Scotiabank’s multinational Employer Brand introduced The Global Community of Scotiabankers to the world.

The Global Community of Scotiabankers

As part of Scotiabank’s Corporate Identity Council and head of global employer brand, the implementation of its brand architecture went to 55 countries 3 languages and 100s of local variations. 
Employer Branding for culture transformation brings innovative frameworks and toolkits that work across any talent segment you want to attract and retain. With many examples of how these frameworks have brought human capital advantage to small and large complex organizations. My expertise relies on data and insights as a foundation, human-centric design, and digital innovation to communicate ideas, new products, unique experiences, and new business models that accelerate culture transformation.
Let’s create yours!
scotiabank global site

Employer Branding for attraction – Recruitment Marketing for Campus

Once an employment brand architecture has been defined, an employment branding strategy is due to serve key priorities of the organization.

Branding is flexible in the search of mediums but is not permissive of a new identity to the brand.



Global Visual Branding

A brand’s expression includes digital experiences. Every digital experience is a sophisticated delivery of value. What does it take to create digital products that add value to customers and stay true to your employer brand?

We make sure to gather client’s requirements and communicate them to UX teams to create beautiful and value-added experiences. Ultimately, we keep your employer brand consistent, relevant, and human.

Winning employee experiences

We can always get leads but can we turn them into clients, employees, or fans?

Here are a few awards I have collected along the way.

  1. Best People Practice by Best Workplaces Institute – From Chain of Communication to a virtuous cycle of feedback and growth. Escalating employee concerns for Scotiabank
  2. Best People Practice by Best Workplaces Institute – Raising Concerns for RBC.
  3. Selected as Judge of Best Diversity Practices in the USA by Human Capital Institute – Diversity Executive – as a Judge of employee experiences to improve life in the USA workplaces.
  4. Best Corporate training by CSTD on CareerLaunch for banking branch roles at Scotiabank.
  5. Seminar leader, industry speaker, trainer – Designing Employee Experiences