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“How I build top employer and customer brands with frameworks that work in any industry. You can use these brand marketing frameworks and apply them to yourself, your team, or company. A well-managed brand accelerates your readiness to compete for customers and employees. Don’t waste time, be intentional.”


Estela Vazquez Perez

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Personal Branding is opportunity.

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If you are starting a new chapter in life, a brand vision can help you open new ground and be memorable with an elevated image of your products, services, and persona.


Find best-of-class and ideal talented people.

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Your brand is a key influencer of how ideal candidates see you as an employer. If you are looking for highly loyal employees, or highly technical, or highly reliable, an ad will not get you the right people. You need to cultivate relationships, so they are ready when you are


Sustain culture and open new markets.

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If you are a business leader of a large company, you know that managing culture in a growth phase is critical to sustaining success. You know that every leader’s influence counts. A brand vision can bring your culture compass, leadership model, and market positioning together. We can rally employees and customers into your business purpose and goals.


A brand to stay focused and grow.

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If you own a business or perhaps you are planning on launching one, you can’t rely on online quick tools to build your brand. Your business is much more than a logo. We can help you articulate critical attributes for success, so you stay focused on the gold. A brand can keep you sharp on the ideal customer and your offer. As entrepreneurs, we need to avoid distractions, a brand can rally your employees to represent you well to attract ideal clients.

Estela has a multidisciplinary career and direct insights from employee experiences she designed for more than 20 years in the corporate world. In one year, she got the largest bank to compete with the world’s biggest startup for tech talent.
This webinar gives you insights to act immediately, fixing customer and employee experiences, taking an integrated approach to reputation management. You can start with quick wins right now.
Estela has an excellent track record of success, a Global Brand Marketing & Experience Design Executive for Fortune 500 Tech & Financial Brands. You can find her as a regular contributor to outlets such as Human Capital Institute, The Great Place to Work Institute, LinkHumans, Universum, and Employer Branding emerging leader’s blogs.
♥A large bank got students to change their perception from boring, over-regulated, old-boys-club company to an image of a creative, supportive, and dynamic employer. It reflected with 25 rankings up in most desired employers list. A reputation case study.
♥Another large bank needed less turnover and more engagement in its contact centres. We turned disengaged employees to volunteering spokespeople about Employee Experiences. Here is one of the videos.
♥ Increasing the stature of an HR team? No big deal when you have a marketer in the house. Estela got even the compensation folks front and centre of key media outlets. Here is a sample article.