By Estela Vazquez Perez
Monday, July 22nd, 2013

When you approach passive talent, your best tool is the employer brand to help you be relevant with your message. People have an image associated to the employer. That image will open or close the door to the conversation.

Make sure you know why is great to work for your employer. At this point you have applied all your sophisticated sourcing techniques, you found the talent, and they are interested in knowing more about your company and offer. Passing that first conversation, you move into the offer and exploring if talent is actually a match.

Crowd-sourcing job posting check-up!

The sourcing team needs attractive and compelling job offers to entice people to know more about your company, job, desired persona, value proposition, and recruitment process. Here is what you need to include:

 Company logo. (Amazing how many people do not do it)
 Your employer brand positioning. This is the core association the person will have if joining the company. (A Banker, a googler, an innnovator, etc)
 Who is your employer? What is the business and impact in society?

 Is the job title a good platform for people’s careers?
 What do you want talent to do? Accountabilities
 What kind of education, experience and skills are required?
 Clarity of functional requirements to differentiate one job from another, when working with a job family.

 Insights on the target market and personas to develop a long term relationship.
 What kind of person will thrive in the job? Fit
 Define what you want people to do. Calls to action, once talent has been approached, agree with the sourcing and recruitment team on next steps.

 Your company’s employment value proposition. The emotional side that inspires and is relevant to people. Why should they consider you?
 Business-specific value proposition. Key messages about the function and work environment where talent will be placed.
 Validation of being a good employer that can add value to someone’s live.
 Core compensation and benefits
 What is life after investing 2 or 3 years in that role? What is the next position or possibilities? Career Path.

 You sourced and attracted. What is the call to action? Careers site, applicant tracking system, recruiter, etc. Make sure you understand your recruitment process and communicate next steps so you set expectations.

 Know what works. Review reporting capabilities of traffic, flow, and conversion rates.

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