Steps: How to design employee experiences

Premise: Employer Brand is not the same as ‘branding’ The employment brand directs the employee experience with desired engagement outcomes,

How to Design Employee Experiences Workshop

McLeans & Co included our thought leadership in its research and workshop Design Employee Experiences. Maclean & Co. selected a few thought leaders

Thought leadership for Talent Acquisition

At Human Capital Institute Speaker at The Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference in Boston–vazquez–perez Ashley’s reviews ‘Favorite Presentations’ “Employment and Consumer Brands: The

Employee and Customer value proposition; two sides of the same coin.

Workshop & Training at Great Place to Work Institute – collaboration Employment Brand and Customer Brand, two sides of the same

Speaking at the Employer Branding Institute

We were very happy to host the Employer Branding Summit in Canada and be part of the speakers.

Educate, advise and inspire an inclusive world

Educate, advise and inspire Diversity and Inclusion Judge & Research Member for the Human Capital Institute Magazine – Research Member & Diversity Executive