Estela Vazquez Perez

Estela Vazquez Perez

Experienced Global Employer Brand & Marketing Consultant, Thought Leader, Author, Speaker, Mom, Basketball player

She is known for relentlessly challenging the status-quo and advocate for better workplaces.  Estela’s work has increased the visibility of Human Resources as a leader of change with a vision.

Estela is an adviser to companies on Employer Brand Reputation Management, Global Marketing, and Employee Experience Design to attract and retain the right talent for today and the future of work.

The multidisciplinary background allows her to orchestrate best ways to advocate for an employer. Her education on brand, marketing, and information technology management is a great foundation for the stellar 20-year career. She has managed global brands and influenced winning designs for employee experiences – all while bringing them to life with an integrated and employee-centric approach to technologies.

Past Experience

Estela is former Head of Global Enterprise Employer Brand at one of the Centres of Excellence at Royal Bank of Canada, Canada’s largest bank and most valuable brand in the country, by BrandFinance. She successfully built its Employment Brand Platform.

Estela also led Scotiabank’s Global Enterprise Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing teams, while supporting corporate identity integration of more than 200 brands. Her work spanned throughout 55 countries in multiple languages and contributed to engaging countries into achieving the desirable Global Best Workplaces award. Estela Built the employer brand platform for Scotiabank.


Estela is the author of Employer Brand Index™, a process tool to organize data to understand the strength of an employer’s relationship with the talent market.

She is also the author of  Engineering Joy™ Workshop, a design thinking workshop based on brand management methodologies and applied to talent strategies. An essential for all employer brand managers.

A thought leader

Estela is a contributor to Great Place to Work Institute, Human Capital Institute expert suites, and serves as a judge for Diversity Index, research developed by Talent Management Magazine. Her thought leadership has been featured by Brand experts and Talent/Recruitment executives including Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, Undercover Recruiter, Human Capital Institute, The Great Place to Work Institute, Dale Carnegie, Yahoo finance, Lead Addeco Magazine,, Employer Brand International, Best Workplaces conference and Top100 MediaCorp among others.

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