Estela Vazquez Perez

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I am a global Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Strategist.

Learn how to attract and engage the right people with your company purpose.

Access resources to manage your employer brand and employee experience.

Areas of practice

20 years in the corporate world managing Fortune 500 employer brands for multi-billion-dollar corporations taught me how to reach higher profits. You can create brand-building experiences that make stronger relationships with employees and clients. Learn more

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Strategy and Success

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Brand Management

Establish why you are the best option as employer and service provider. This is your identity and value proposition.

Employer Branding

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Recruitment & Marketing

Recruitment and engagement is all about converting visits into actions.

Employee Experience

Accelerate employee readiness, engagement, and optimal productivity.


Estela is highly accomplished in Global Employer Branding and Employee Experience Design Strategies for Fortune 500 companies in education, tech, and financial sectors.  She founded Talentscopic Inc. to help companies scale up with the right people and build winning cultures in efficient and happy workplaces.  
Estela has applied the gamut of brand marketing sciences to the entire talent management suite. Her work spans from leading brand identity, managing employee reputation, and designing award-winning experiences that increase productivity and engagement.

Thought Leadership

She is recognized globally as thought leader in Employer Branding with work showcased by the Human Capital Institute, Talent Acquisition Conferences, Great Places to Work Institute, Universum Global, Pier Point’s most influential eBrand leader on Linkedin, to name a few.


In her community work Estela has been a Diversity and Inclusion judge of people practices by the HCM Diversity Index. She has mentored many New Canadians to find their way into the workplace in partnership with Acces Employment and Trillium Foundation.


Estela has multiple certifications earn in Canada including Employer Brand, Change Management, and Information Mapping. is a graduate of Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico. She was awarded academic and sports scholarships to bring her talent into high school and advanced education as an accomplished high-performance athlete.

Geographic Experience:

Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Luxemburg, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Caribbean.

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Human Capital Institute


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