Steps: How to design employee experiences

Premise: Employer Brand is not the same as ‘branding’

The employment brand directs the employee experience with desired engagement outcomes, generally categorized under branding. This includes crafting how you want to be perceived by the talent market, connecting to business results, purpose and culture change,  and wrapping up everything under our employee value proposition.  Employment Brand also informs and governs with brand standards applied in UX/UI/IA/IxD*. I recognized this can be hard to convey so here are some tangibles, only specific to design experiences.


1. Identify people, brand & culture priority areas

  • Define Goals
  • Design Employer Brand Index and measures
  • Executive Briefing to confirm sustained capability and direction

2. Zoom into the Experience

  • Design Employee Experience Storyboard & primer
  • Employee Experience Workbook
  • Talent Management Process Mapping

3. Lead with empathy and all universal human values

  • Acquire market intelligence
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Journey Mapping

4. Brainstorm options for moments that matter

5. Prototype potential solutions

  • Storyboarding
  • Employee Experience Project Planning
  • Employee Experience Testing

6. Pilot solution 

  • Project Roadmap
  • Test
  • Adjust accordingly

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