Estela joins McLeans & Co to create Employee Experiences Workshop

McLeans & Co included our thought leadership in its research and workshop Design Employee Experiences.

Maclean & Co. selected a few thought leaders around the world to build its Design Employee Experience Research and Workshop. RBC is one of the contributors and our employee experience design approach is showcased as a best practice for MLeans’ clients. I participated as leading designer of best people practices recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute too. Here are three thoughts/ideas and the answer to ‘how to design employee experiences’.

IDEA 1: HR is now exposed to internal & public evaluation. Do not shy away, I can help you.

We re-designed our employee relations experience by moving from a chain of communication to a modular and optional approach. The Great Place to Work Institute recognized and published it in its yearly book of best people practices. I think employee_relations and employer branding make a good partnership. I look forward to our next great move to advance our people and culture.

This people practice is also attractive to McLeans to understand the process behind its evolution. While this content is private for its clients, go to idea 2 and 3 for an overview of what you can expect when approaching employee experiences design in general.

You can find the McLeans storyboard here

IDEA 2: The Employee Experience affects, positively or negatively, the Employer Brand.

That is why the EVP leads and informs desirable outcomes of employee experiences. Here is one of the key ideas to clarify a number of concepts. Here is a slide from the sample storyboard.

IDEA 3: Employer Brand is not the same as ‘branding’

The employment brand directs the employee experience with desired engagement outcomes, generally categorized under branding. This includes crafting how you want to be perceived by the talent market, connecting to business results, purpose and culture change,  and wrapping up everything under our employee value proposition.  Employment Brand also informs and governs with brand standards applied in UX/UI/IA/IxD*. I recognized this can be hard to convey so here are some tangibles, only specific to design experiences.

Click here to access How to design Employee Experiences

I am thinking out loud and look forward to learning from what sparks in your mind when reading this post.

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