Dale Carnegie TOP 40 influencers

I seek to be a catalyst for positive change. I am genuinely interested in human kind and the advancement of society. With a focus on brand management, marketing, analytics and emerging technologies, I have chosen to build brands of global, complex organizations, including one of the best Universities in the Americas, Tec de Monterrey; the Canadian based most international financial institution, Scotiabank; and the No. 1 Canadian brand, RBC.

Employer Brand Management –
Ask me how to increase your brand equity, how to drive culture or how to engage people to drive performance.
Attracting, selecting and developing people is not enough. You want the right people and culture engaged in achieving organizational goals. If I can describe my proposal with one word is ‘Integration’ of the human capital approach with brand management lenses.

Today’s Brand Management includes understanding of how BRANDS BUILD FUTURES. This is about challenging the status-quo and drive organizational design for sustainable development of customer and employee promises. A commitment to people and advancement of society.

I unified marketing, communications, HR and technology experts to improve clients and employee experiences and their positioning in the market.

Thanks to Dale Carnegie for inviting me to be part of this great project of TOP 40 influencers. Here is a very nice video they produced.

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