PRINCIPLES that align to my strengths and guide my work

If your brand is in the midst of change and ambiguity, this is a time of opportunity!

I have defined key PRINCIPLES that align to my strengths and guide my work. This is how to go about branding, before you get into the official framework.

Invite people to a great future. PURPOSE. Establish the direction of your brand.

– How big is the gap to connect opportunity to your strenghts? RESEARCH it first.

Build TRUST. Base your decisions on proven marketing methodologies and common shared knowledge.

COMMUNICATE with clarity. Each team needs different direction as per their skills and silo. I create unuwue bruefing for HR, marketing, communications, and change management.

Empathy can make an IMPACT. Be artistic. Let creativity express your market insights without forgeting functionality. 

Get on board with EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES. Be curious on all things information and technology to create a sustainable and effective client experience. i.e. websites, e-commerce, social media

INSPIRE A DIVERSE WORLD. Develop understanding of inclusive best practices.

Be a CENTRE OF EXPERTISE of your own brand and measure your impact.

– Work with brands that share your personal VALUES so they won’t attempt against your personal INTEGRITY.

© 2013 Copyright Estela Vazquez Perez

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